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Read Nanatsu no taizai 277/Seven Deadly Sins 277 Manga in English Online for free at 7deadlysinsmanga. The Seven Deadly Sins (七つの大罪) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki. I can't say I'm surprised that derieri's plan didn't work, because I'm sure it was gonna take much more than that to actually take mael down. But despite their plan not working, I did like just how badarse mael's face looked just before taking out derieri.Honestly, I think nakaba chose to put the happy side story last week just so this chapter would hurt more. The worst part is knowing that there's a small chance gowther managed to take control of mael's mind and is just showing him what he wants to see but in reality its more likely that derieri is actually dead. This chapter started with some actual hope for a future where the goddess clan and the demon clan could possibly live in relative peace. If derieri, one of the demons with the most reason to hate the goddess clan could let go of that hatred and try to work towards that peace then nearly anyone could. It looked like elizabeth's efforts to save derieri and monspiet 3000 years ago was finally going to bear fruit, another person who wanted peace. Then that hope was snuffed out nearly as quickly as it arrived. Its a serious shame that she died just as many of us were really starting to like her character but at least she'll be reunited with monspiet.
This death however has one upside, and that is it will probably be the motivation elizabeth needs to fight mael in earnest. Since nakaba is a fan of dbz I could definitely see this being elizabeth's version of the android 16/teen gohan moment. While I'm not sure if elizabeth will actually be angry with mael this will probably resolve her to stop mael with all of her power. Now to the tarmiel situation. As easy as it is to crucify him over that decision I don't think that its honestly deserved. He screwed up. To any third party it was an easy choice to follow the plan. It probably would have worked and they may have gotten mael back to normal. From tarmiel's view however, its a plan thought up by an enemy for use against someone he seems to have a very close friendship with. Tarmiel knows better than most the damage derieri's combat star can cause and that if she really wanted to she could probably end up killing mael with one or two extra swings past rendering him unable to fight. It wasn't the right choice but it shows clearly how little trust there is between the 2 clans at this point. It's just unfortunate that he wasn't the one to suffer the consequences of his actions but derieri instead. That being said, I have a feeling at least one more person will die in this fight but I really hope I'm wrong. Lastly I feel that I need to talk about mael. It really feels like he has several personalities within him. One moment talking casually to sariel and tarmiel to the next looking like he would murder them. The shift of his hair to show his different eyes really went a long way in accentuating the change as well. At this point I'm really not sure where mael is headed. Is he going to be a final boss type character or a future ally. His ability to mix light and darkness could be a very scary power. Meliodas stated that the powers of darkness and light would offset each other normally, but now that someone has forced the powers to work together what kind of effects will that bring? All in all this chapter honestly made the future far more blurry than it did clear up questions. I hope we can have some good after all this bad but who knows what the future will hold.

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Are you looking for the upcoming Nanatsu No Taizai 277 Manga. Deireri development was pivital and dramatic at a climactic moment. I was confident a week ago about the power of Stigma against Mael, and it seems we were right. These 5 forces of Stigma can indeed hold him of but Tarmiels defeated resolve has doomed everything. I believe hope now lies with elizabeth trying to save deireri, or with gowther completing this spell. I dont think nakaba will let her death be in vain, as it would also cheapen Monspiets death but thats just speculation. The fight scenes were spectacular, equivalent or better to the 3000 year flashback. Iv said it once , and il say it again KING IS A BEAST. Then you are at the right place because nanatsu no taizai 277 chapter is now available online.
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Not only is he the only sins that took part in this mission, as a leader of stigma hes not slacking at all, i thought hed be out shined by the 3 amazing goddesses that we have with us but that hasn't been the case in the slightest. I think the Grizzly Sin of Sloth has been redeemed in FULL for abandoning the fairy forest! I am worried for Mael though, the more he uses darkness the further gets from the salvation of elizabeth. If Mael isnt saved by Elizabeth will he have to fight meliodas? His Rage is justified, i really felt for Mael this chapter and im really glad that Nakaba has given him so much development and has linked the story so well. Mael has been through so much, and then To have him confess his pain to Tarmiel was too much for me, i literally teared up!
Im so excited for the next chapter.
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