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Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 329 English - For real, this fight is completely pointless even if we say that Escanor got stronger, because Mel alone is already stronger than his Father. Truth be told, Gelda and Mel alone should be more than enough to win this fight against the DK. Meliodas doesn't use his OG Magic because he's afraid of destroying his Father along with his little bro. That just shows that Mel is still considerably above his Father. If they were really equals like the statements try to say, why would he be afraid of destroying his Father by just activating his power? It's like the DK is so weak compared to him that he's worried that he'll end up oneshotting him once he taps into his OG Magic. If they were truly equals, Mel shouldn't be worried of using his OG magic because the DK would be able to hold his own against him well, but that's not the case. Anyways, the only thing Mel needs to do is try a little bit harder (not full power though, since that would probably be too much for the poor Clown King to handle without being killed) and beat up his Father for a while, then Gelda would step in and connect her blood with Zel's body like she already did in the manga and save him. The DK would be getting destroyed from the outside, so chances are that he probably wouldn't be able to set traps at all to stop Gelda, who would recognise Zel in 30 seconds like she did in the manga. Once Zel had been rescued, it would only be a matter of time until the DK got defeated. At the same time, this also makes Mel look like an asshole and a really bad person. If he has the power to beat up his Father alone, then why he doesn't use it, instead of, you know, making his friends risk their lifes like this? Escanor's probably gonna die (that is, if Nakaba actually has the balls to kill him, which I doubt) for accomplishing something that Mel could have done without dying at all. This fight and this story overall could have made way more sense if Nakaba hadn't decided to make Mel so disgustingly OP to the point of completely shatter the plot. Like, for real, why he has to be so OP? What good things come out of it? The only things that does is completely kill all the tension, all the consistency and make Mel look like an asshole and a really bad person. Of course, I'm aware that is not Mel alone who ruins the plot and that there are more elements that help that, but out of all these elements, Mel stands out the most IMO. It really is fascinating. Mel was at one point my favourite character in this series but now he makes me angry and trust me, this is very rare on me. It is an emotion that I've experimented with very few characters out of all the series I've watched. Part of me really hopes that Nakaba can still explain all of this mess with the best of his ability and save more or less the plot, but the other side of me knows that it is probably hopeless and Nakaba won't even try it. Hopefully what I hope and not what I think it'll most likely happen comes true.

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Zeldoris Vs The Demon King is the 329th chapter manga 七つの大罪, Final arc of Nanatsu no Taizai. So Escanor did end up training to improve Sunshine, that makes sense. I assume his lifeforce is working together with Sunshine, given all the fire. I wonder if The Sins interfering will end up saving Escanor. Escanor burning up his lifeforce seemed to be what was needed for him to defeat the demon king by himself, and lets face it, the demon king is enough of a scrub that it probably would've succeeded. So perhaps with the Sins helping Escanor he won't have to spend as much of his life force and will end up surviving this state, due to the Sins carrying some of the burden. I wouldn't mind seeing him die, doesn't seem likely though.7deadlysinsmanga are serving you the hottest chapter of nanatsu no taizai 329 today!
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People seemed to be confused at first with what Escanor meant when he and Mel were having their bro to bro talk, but glad that someone got it right. Its not about Escanor being weaker at the time when Mel was baby sitting him, it was more along the lines of he held Escanor off and taught him how to control his power, Mel didn't teach him how to get stronger, he teached him to control that power, we all saw how he was at his Gaiden. How do I explain this in a more simple term. Its like this, Mel just taught him how to calm down.

That aside, I really like the friendship they be showing here, its just the right amount of cliche and cheesy liners that I sit with, plus AM Mel is my favorite appearance of him, felt a bit weird tho, when he was being all emotional at the last page in AM mode.
Calling it now, next chapter is Zeldris Vs demon king which means we most likely won't be getting any 7 Deadly sins Vs Demon King for most if not the whole chapter but people will still bring up Mel Vs The One Vs Demon king.